About us

What we do

LezGo is a fresh start-up devoted to creating positive ripples in the footwear world.

We want shoe lovers and collectors to have access to unique items that they'll treasure. We aim to offer something personal. When our customers shop with us, they get something of personal value.

We also don't want you to wait. We cut out the lengthy time it usually takes to get a custom pair of shoes by being one step ahead of the game. We don't wait for you to order your perfect shoes and then start working on them. They already exist and they've been waiting for you to find them. 

What is usually a 3 -4 week wait with other sites, LezGo can ship your shoes in 3-4 days.

We do not accept anything less than high-quality; we work with only the highest standards. We only work with legitimate brands who have authorised us.

We might be young, but that just means we're dynamic. We're not stuck in the old ways of doing things. We have something special to offer. We're proud to work with trustworthy factories and suppliers with a passion for customisation. People who are craftsmen at what they do. We all love that feeling of unboxing a fresh pair of kicks and we want that for every single customer, every time.

Why choose LezGo?

You only get the best with us. We don't offer thousands of styles because it's impossible to put that much love into such high volumes. We offer authentic brands with enough variety for you to enhance your own personal style.

Because we don't deal in huge volumes, our stock might run out quickly. If there's something you like, it's advised you bag it. We want you to express your individuality. There's nothing unique about thousands of people wearing the same kicks.

Don't worry if it's not love at first sight in real life. We have a no-fuss returns policy and we'll endeavour to pair you with the shoes that were made for you. We want your experience with us to be pain-free.


Who we are?

We are Lezgo Limted. A company incorporated in Israel. Our company number is 516280674. Our registered address is 61 Hasadot Road, Kfar Shmaryahu, 4691000, Israel.