About Us

At Lezgo

We find solutions to problems that people encounter everyday

Lezgo is a company with headquarters in Israel.

Our focus is marketing and technology.

The company directors are:

Avner Brodsky

Michal Brodsky

You can read more about us in our respective LinkedIn Profiles.

Our mutual story begins in 2004 when we met and got married a year later…

We set up a successful financial marketing company in London in 2008, grew, and lived there for seven years. We sold the company in 2020 and are now fully engaged in new marketing endeavors involving new technologies, a lot of marketing, and Artificial intelligence to help boost it all.

We have years of experience in omnichannel marketing and have also gained additional experience with e-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, and new marketing trends, which combine the above.

You can contact us here.